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Monday, 11 September 2017

Misterkit - MisterKit - Mister Kit

Via Alberelle, 49, 20089 Rozzano, Milan, Italy

Tel & Fax : ++39-02-8243791
eMail: info@misterkit.com 


VAT No.: IT11786130150

Defunct model shop and on-line retailer from Italy, was to be found South off the central ring-road in Milan


Aftermarket Italian Aircraft Kits

- FIAT Cr.42 (1:72, multi-media kit, two versions)

- FIAT G.50 (1:72, resin, re-issued by Vintage Models)
- FIAT G.50 (1:48, resin, wing only update/conversion kit)
- FIAT G.55 (1:72, resin, re-issued by Vintage Models)
- FIAT C.202 (1:72, multi-media update/conversion kit)
- FIAT C.205 (1:72, multi-media update/conversion kit)
- Reggiane RE.2005 (1:48, resin, in association with/branded to Flying Machines)

There was also a range of paints I believe?

What this entry needs
- Better listings
- Paint list

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Magic Source International Ltd.

2445 East Dominguez Street
CA 90810

Magic Source International Ltd. Hong Kong
Address unknown

See also: Zhenhai Toys

This company is an importer supplying third-parties with cheap rack toys and other goods from Hong Kong, China and elsewhere. Third-party facilitators/shipping agents like Top Source Trading Ltd. (Hong Kong) or Flegenheimer International Inc. (California) are utilised in the carrying out of their business.

Known Listings
Rack Toys
0154 - Military Superpower (crude Matchbox 8th Army piracies, supplied by Zhenhai)

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Maurice Corry Ltd.

Until more information is forthcoming, assume subsidiary of, and see: 120 Mini

Friday, 26 February 2016

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Mulberry Miniatures

Model Makers
4 Village Works
London Road
East Hoathly
East Sussex

Tel: 01825 841144

Flourished 1989-2002

Gavin Collins - artist/painter

54mm/1:32nd scale (2 1/4 inch) whitemetal/pewter (?) toy soldiers painted in a 'toy soldier' style, unpainted kits of the medieval 'Poitier' figures turn-up on eBay, so it must be assumed they were purchasable at some point and the studio/a shop in Lewes was apparently visitable. Toward the end (?) the painter was reported (by a contributor to the main Blog) to be suffering from a Cancer, and thus the quality of the work dropped-off.

Listings (the listings are based on Internet searches and auction listings and are subject to error, omission and miss-description, along with the possibility that codes are from retailers and sellers, not the original catalogue)
#MED1 -
#MED2 -
#MED3 -
#MED4 -
#MED5 -
#MED6 -
#MED7 -
#MED8 - William Marshal, circa, 1200 (mounted in full armour)
Battle of Poitiers 1356
#? - Earl of Oxford
#? - John Chandos
#? - Siure Chateavilain
#? - Jean II
#? - Sir Hugh Calvery
#? - Philippe of France
#? - Lord Hopton 1356 (1995)
#? - Comte de Blois
#? - Bohun, Earl of Nothampton 1356*
#? - Sir James Audley 1356*

* Same body and leg sculps
English Civil War Range
Cavalry (five pieces each)
ECW? - Royalist Horse Regiment (blue/white jackets, officer, trumpeter, Colour-bearer, 2 troopers - drawn sabres)
ECW? - Parliamentary Horse Regiment (beige/orange jackets, officer, trumpeter, Colour-bearer, 2 troopers - drawn sabres)
Foot Figures
ECW23 - Earl Of Essex' Regiment 'Pikemen Charge Your Pikes' (Parliamentarian, 1 officer, x5 men)
ECW? - The English King Charles I (leader of the Royalist Army, 'static grass' on base - quite a crude figure)
ECW? - Sir Nicholas Slannings Regiment (x6 pike men marching)
ECW? - Tower Hamlet Traymed Band (x6 pike men marching)
ECW? - Musketeers (x6 figures)

American War of Independence
C - 69th Light Company (x3 running figures)
4-C - 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment (x3 advancing figures)
5-C - 1st New York Regiment (x3 fifer figures)
7-C - 2nd New York Regiment (x3 fifer figures)
9-C - Colonel Lee’s Regiment (Virginia, x3 drummers)
10-C - 76th Regt, 3rd BN 1777 (x3 Marching figures)
11-C - 2nd South Carolina Regt 1779 (x3 Firing figures)
12-C - 1st New York Regt 1777 (3 Firing figures)
14-C - 3 Drummers (3rd New Jersey, 3rd New York and 7th Pennsylvania)
15-C - 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment, 1777 (Officer)
16-C - 14th Continental Officer
17-C - 8th Massachusetts (x3drummer figures)
18-C - 44th Regiment Light Company (x3 kneeling, firing figures)
DLB - De Lanceys Brigade 1778 3rd Battalion
? - Washington's Lifeguard Officer (x4 figures, 18th Rhode Island regiment)


#BN25 - 2nd Dragoon Scots Greys c1815 'Scotland Forever' Pt1
#BN26 - 2nd Dragoon Scots Greys c1815 'Scotland Forever' Pt2
#BN89 - 23rd Light Dragoons
#BN106 - 88th Regiment Connaught Rangers
#BN190 - 27th Inniskillen Regiment at Waterloo (x6 figures)
#BN? - Waterloo 5th Battalion, 60th Rifles (x3 figures, the 'Green Jackets')
#BN? - 95th Rifles at Waterloo (x5 figures in various positions with carbines + officer, sword)
#BN? - 92nd Highlanders at Waterloo (x15 Scottish figures marching, at the slope)
#BN? - 92nd Gordon Highlanders (x6 figures)
#BN? - 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers (x3 figures)
#BN? - 4th Kings Own Regiment Light Company at Waterloo 1815
#BN? - 44th East Essex (x6 figures)
#BN? - Grenadier Guards (x6 figures)
#FN1 - Napoleon and Staff (x5 mounted)
#FN8 - Empress Dragoons of the Guard (1 officer, 1 trumpeter, 1 standard-bearer, 2 dragoons)
#FN9 - Grenadiers a Cheval of the Guard (1 officer, 1 trumpeter, 1 standard-bearer, 2 grenadiers)
#FN25 - Mounted Kettledrummer, French Imperial Guard (Grenadiers a Cheval, circa 1804)
#FN30 - French 2nd Regiment of Carabineers 1811-14 (x5 mounted figures)
#FN62 - 105th Of The Line
#FN91 - 7th Regt Light Infantry
#FN? - Napoleon Marshal Ney and a charging French dragoon
#FN? - Napoleonic French trooper charing over broken cannon
#FN? - Fusiliers Grenadiers of the Middle Guard (6 pieces & 1 Foot Marching)
#FN? - French Foot Soldiers
#FN? - Officer, 45th Regiment of Foot
#FN? - 1st Regiment Grenadiers A Pied, Last Stand at Waterloo (x6 figures in various poses)
#FN? - 1st Lancers of the Guard Full Charge
#FN? - 2nd Lancers of the Guard Full Charge
#FN? - Empress Dragoons Full Charge
#FN? - 9Th Cuirassiers
Other Nations ('All World'?)
#AW1 - Belgian Grenadiers
#AW2 - Silesian Jaegers
#AW3 - Dutch National Militia
#AW4 - Dutch National Militia
#AW5 - 1st Brandenburg Regiment
#AW? - 2nd Regiment Carabiniers (Dutch, 5 pieces mounted at halt, same as #FN30?)
Special Editions
#? - King Arthur Knights
#? - 45th Of The line Grenadiers Marching (Napoleonic)
#? - 'Butchers Bill' (x7 figures, Napoleonic)
'Le Champs de Batalle' (Champions of Battle)
#? - Kings Foot-guard Musketeers, Battle of Naseby 1645 (English Civil War)
#? - Sergeant C. Ewart at Waterloo Taking The Eagle of the 45th Regiment (Napoleonic)
Other Items
#? - Battle of Poitiers Chess Set
#? - Battle of Agincourt Chess Set
Dolls House Accessories (may be another Mulberry, or a search for new makets?)
#? - Beer Stein (1:12th scale (7/8 in tall x 1/2 in wide) antiqued pewter)

Mulberry On the Home Blog

What This Entry Needs
- Much better company history
- Much better product listing
- Cross-referance with US-based Mulberry - a garden accessory rannge of Pixy/Gnome things.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015




Appear to have made promotional board-games for the publican/drinks industry. It is not known what the exact nature of the promotion was, but it is likely that either the games were sent out to public houses as a ‘bar game’, perhaps on recipt of an order of a certain size? Or; that it made-up part of a seasonal ‘gift set’ of 100 Piper’s whiskey at Christmas or suchlike.

Board Game
- Battle of the Clans (4 semi-flat figures in different colours, 100 pipers/House of Seagram tie-in)