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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Magic Source International Ltd.

2445 East Dominguez Street
CA 90810

Magic Source International Ltd. Hong Kong
Address unknown

See also: Zhenhai Toys

This company is an importer supplying third-parties with cheap rack toys and other goods from Hong Kong, China and elsewhere. Third-party facilitators/shipping agents like Top Source Trading Ltd. (Hong Kong) or Flegenheimer International Inc. (California) are utilised in the carrying out of their business.

Known Listings
Rack Toys
0154 - Military Superpower (crude Matchbox 8th Army piracies, supplied by Zhenhai)


  1. I bought some of their Orbit men and one stopped working after 2 hours, even after it was recharged it wouldnt work

  2. Send details and/or a picture and I'll add it to the listing!