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Monday, 11 September 2017

Misterkit - MisterKit - Mister Kit

Via Alberelle, 49, 20089 Rozzano, Milan, Italy

Tel & Fax : ++39-02-8243791
eMail: info@misterkit.com 


VAT No.: IT11786130150

Defunct model shop and on-line retailer from Italy, was to be found South off the central ring-road in Milan


Aftermarket Italian Aircraft Kits

- FIAT Cr.42 (1:72, multi-media kit, two versions)

- FIAT G.50 (1:72, resin, re-issued by Vintage Models)
- FIAT G.50 (1:48, resin, wing only update/conversion kit)
- FIAT G.55 (1:72, resin, re-issued by Vintage Models)
- FIAT C.202 (1:72, multi-media update/conversion kit)
- FIAT C.205 (1:72, multi-media update/conversion kit)
- Reggiane RE.2005 (1:48, resin, in association with/branded to Flying Machines)

There was also a range of paints I believe?

What this entry needs
- Better listings
- Paint list

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