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I’m a 51-year-old Aspergic CAD-Monkey. Sardonic, cynical and with the political leanings of a social reformer, I’m also a toy and model figure collector, particularly interested in the history of plastics and plastic toys. Other interests are history, current affairs, modern art, and architecture, gardening and natural history. I love plain chocolate, fireworks and trees but I don’t hug them, I do hug kittens. I hate ignorance, when it can be avoided, so I hate the 'educational' establishment and pity the millions they’ve failed with teaching-to-test and rote 'learning' and I hate the short-sighted stupidity of the entire ruling/industrial elite, with their planet destroying fascism and added “buy-one-get-one-free”. I also have no time for fools and little time for the false crap we're all supposed to pretend we haven't noticed, or the games we're supposed to play. I will 'bite the hand that feeds' to remind it why it feeds.


M / m

M - (1) Medium (size/dimension, see also: Md. and Med.)
M - (2) Mega...
M - (3) Mint [product] (condition, see also; MS)
M - (4) Model/s (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
m - Milli...
M/... - Missing (condition, followed by details of missing item/s)
MA - Movement Allowance (gaming)
M/A - Mail Away
M&A - Modeles et Allures (French figure maker)
M@A - Men at Arms (of the medieval era or the Osprey books - also; MAA)
MAA - Men at Arms (military book series published by Osprey)
MAAB - Mobile Anti-Assault Battlesuit (Transformers)
MAAC - Model Aircraft Association [of] Canada
MAF - Make a Face (Pez container type)
Mag. - (1) Magazine (of the printed-paper, on-line (e-Mag / i-Mag) or bullet-filled type)
Mag. - (2) Magenta (colour, stamps)
Mag. - (3) Magnet (general, motors) / [Traction] Magnet (slot racing, downforce producers)
mAH - Milliamp Hour (radio-control, battery capacity)
MAIM - Modern Army in Miniatures (German figure maker)
MAM - Modern[-day] Action Man (Hasbro; 1991-present, see also; VAM)
Man. - (1) Manila (colour, stamps)
MAN / MANz. - (2) Mega Armoured Nob / Nobz [Nobs] (Warhammer)
Manurba - Manfred Urban (general toy manufacturer)
MAP - Model [and] Allied Publications (Publisher)
Mar. - Maroon (colour, stamps)
MARB - Mobile Autobot Repair Bay (Transformers)
MARS - Military Armaments Research Syndicate (Transformers)
MAS - Multiple Aspect Signalling (model railways, US)
Matt. - Mattel (general toy manufacturer, licensed characters ,also: 'Matty', verbal)
'Matty' - Mattel (general toy manufacturer, also abbreviated to: Matt., 'Matty' also refers to the on-line store: http://www.mattycollector.com)
MAWB - Mega Armoured Warboss (Warhammer)
MAYB / Mayb. - Maybe (Internet, forums, online)
MAZAC / Mazac - Morris Ashby Zinc-Aluminium-Copper [alloy] (UK licensed ZAMAK product, now called Zamac universally, die-casting alloy material)
MB - (1) Mauro Benini (German-Italian maker of 30mm flats)
MB - (2) Matchbox (die-cast, figure and kit manufacturer, see also; M'Box)
MB - (3) Michael Bay (Transformers personality)
MB - (4) Milton Bradley (toy and board game manufacturer)
MB - (5) Minimum Bid (auctions)
MB - (6) Mint [product], Bagged / Blistered / Boxed (condition)
MB Games - Milton Bradley Games (board game manufacturer)
M'Box. - Matchbox (die-cast, figure and kit manufacturer, see; MB)
MBR - Master Bedroom (dolls houses)
MBSO - Motorbreak Second Open (model railways, US, in UK; Break-second)
MBT - Main Battle Tank (war gaming - from the military)
MBX - Matchbox(die-cast, figure and kit manufacturer)
MC - (1) Maltese Cross (philately, early British cancellation)
MC - (2) Marshall Cavendish Ltd. (Publisher)
MC - (3) Master Card (payment option)
MC - (4) Max Carl (old German toy maker)
MC - (5) Mini-Con./Convention (small show)
MC - (6) Mini Constructicon (Transformers)
MC - (7) Mint [product] Complete (but out of original packaging, condition)
MC - (8) Mint [product] Carded (condition)
MC - (9) Monstrous Creature (gaming)
M&C - Mint and Complete (condition, double 'mint'! There are some very stupid people in this world)
MCD - McDonalds (premiums)
mCCPM - Mechanical Cyclic / Collective Pitch Mixing (radio-control, incorrect, commonly; CCPM, occasionally; eCCPM)
MCM - Mid-Century Modern (collectable design style)
MCO - Modern Chess Openings (publication)
MCU - Might Clean Up (Internet, forums, online)
MCW - Master-Crafted Weapon (Warhammer)
MD - (1) Micron Densetsu (Transformers character)
MD - (2) Minor Defects (condition)
Md. - Medium (size/dimension, see also: M and Med)
MDF - Medium Density Fibre-board
ME - (1) Mail Early (stamps, US Postal Service)
ME - (2) Masterpiece (GI Joe toy series)
ME - (3) Masterpiece Edition
MED / Med. - Medium (size/dimension, see also: M and Md.)
Meg / 'Megs' - Megatron (Transformers character)
MEG - Morrison Entertainment Group (promotional figure company)
MEGA - Millennium Entertainment Group - Africa (organisation)
Melta. - Meltagun /  Multi-Melta (Warhammer)
MEQ / MEq. - Marine Equivalent [armies] (Warhammer)
MET / Met. - Metallic (Automotive)
MET / Met. - Metropolitan [Museum] (USA)
META - Model Engineering Trade Association (UK body)
MF - Masterforce (Transformers)
M/F - Mare and Foal (model horse collectors)
MFG / Mfg. - Manufacturer / Manufacturing
MFT - Missouri Fox Trotter (model horse collectors)
MG - Meltagun (Warhammer)
MGM - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [Studios] (licence issuer)
MGR - Merry-Go-Round (My Little Pony model type, railway goods-train type serving power stations from coal mines)
MH - Mint Hinged (condition, specifically: postage stamps)
MHL - Model Horse Love (model horse collectors)
MH$P - Model Horse Sales Pages (model animal collectors)
MHR - Model Horse Resource (model animal collectors)
MHS - Model Horse Show (toy animal collecting)
MHz - Megahertz (radio-control)
Mi. - Michel [stamp catalogue] (well known German philatelic source, also 'Michel')
MIB - (1) Men in Black (movie franchise series, licensed characters)
MIB - (2) Mint [product] in [original] Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MIBP - Mint  [product] in Bubble Pack (condition)
MIC - Mint [product] in Carton / Cellophane (condition)
MIJ - Made in Japan (origin, see also: MIOJ)
MIL - Mother-in-Law (Internet, forums, online)
MilSim. - Military Simulation [game] (video gaming)
MIM - Make it Mine (Internet, forums, online)
MIMB - Mint [product] in Mint Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MIMP - Mint [product] in Mint Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
Mink. - Minkus [stamp catalogue] (well known philatelic source, defunct, also; Mk.)
MIOJ - Made in Occupied Japan (origin, see also: MIJ)
MIOP - Mint [product] in Open Package (condition)
MIP - Mint [product] in Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
MIS - Mint [product] in Shrink-wrap (condition)   
MISB - Mint [product] in Sealed [original] Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MISMB - Mint [product] in Sealed Mint [original] Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MISMP - Mint [product] in Sealed Mint Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
MISP - Mint [product] in Sealed Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
MIT - Massachusetts Institute [of] Technology (researching)
MIU - Made In USA
MJ - Mara Jade (Star Wars character)
Mk. - Minkus [stamp catalogue] (well known philatelic source, defunct, also; Mink.)
M&K - Muller & Kadeder (German toy maker)
ML - (1) Marvel [comics] Legends (licensed characters)
ML - (2) Micro Lights (Micro Machines line)
ML - (3) Micron Legend (Transformers generation)
ML - (4) Missile Launcher (gaming)
ML - (5) Music Label
M&L - Martinan & Larnaude (short-lived French tin-plate manufacturer)
MLAS - My lips are Sealed (Internet, forums, online)
MLH - Mint, Lightly Hinged (philately, condition)
Mlky. - Milky (condition of colour, stamps)
MLP - My Little Pony (toy line)
MLS - Multiple Listing Service (online auctions)
MLW - Moulded [eye-] Lash Walker (doll)
MM - (1) Matt Mason (licensed character, also; MMM)
MM - (2) Magic Message (My Little Pony with heat-sensitive hidden symbols)
MM - (3) Media Mail (specific shipping option offered by USPS)
MM - (4) Micro Machines (toy line)
MM - (5) Micro Mini
MM - (6) Mighty Muggs (Transformers, licensed characters, see also: 'Muggs')
MM - (7) Military Modelling (magazine)
MM - (8) Minimates (Marvel, licensed characters)
MM - (9) Multi-Melta (Warhammer)
mm. - Millimeter (a unit of measure: 1/1000 of a meter)
MMB - Mint [product in] Mint Box (condition)
MMM - (1) Major Matt Mason (licensed character, also; MM)
MMM - (2) Merry Melody / Music Maker (Pez container types)
MMM - (3) Militant Monoform Movement (Transformers; 'Triple-M')
MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (Internet, also; MORPG, ORPG and RPG)
MMP - Multiman Publishing [Company] (games manufacturer, publishes ASL and OCS)
MMPW - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (licensed characters, see also; PR)
MMR - Master Model Railroader (model railways, US NMRA certification)
MNB - Mint [product], No Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MNH - Mint, Never/Not Hinged (condition, philately, postage stamps)
MNT / Mnt. - Mint (condition)
MO - (1) Mail Order
MO / M/O - (2) Money Order (payment option)
MOC - (1) Mint [product] on Card (condition)
MOC - (2) My Own Creation (construction toys)
MOCC - Mint [product] on Cut Card (has been opened, condition)
MOC Fodder. - My Own Creation Fodder (construction toys; set bought for its pieces, not the subject)
Mod. - (1) Model
Mod. - (2) Moderator (Forums, online notice boards)
Mod. - (3) Modified / Modification (see also; CM, Cust., Modded, Mods., Rep., RR and RRH)
Modded - Modified (see also; CM, Cust., Mod., Mods., Rep., RR and RRH)
Mods. - (1) Models
Mods. - (2) Moderators (Forums, online notice boards)
Mods. - (3) Modifications (see also; CM, Cust., Mod., Modded, Rep., RR and RRH)
Mod-Roc. - Modelling Rock (plaster-impregnated gauze modelling material)
MoK - Mark of Khorne (Warhammer)
MOMC - Mint [product] on Mint Card (condition)
MoN - Mark of Nurgle (Warhammer)
Mon. - Monogram (model kit manufacturer, see also: Mono. and RM)
Monk - Haemonculus (Warhammer)
MONMC - Mint [product] on Near-mint Card (condition)
Mono. - Monogram (model kit manufacturer, see also: Mon. and RM)
MoO - Master of Ordnance (Warhammer)
MOP - Mother-of-Pearl (Jewellery)
MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity
MOQ's - Minimum Order Quantities
MORPG - Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (Internet, also; MMORPG, ORPG and RPG)
MoS - Mark of Slaanesh (Warhammer)
MOSC - Mint [product] on Sealed Card (condition)
MOSMC - Mint [product] on Sealed Mint Card (condition)
MOTD - MOC (q.v.) of the Day (construction toys)
MotF - Master of the Forge (Warhammer)
MoT - Mark of Tzeentch (Warhammer)
MOTU - (1) Mark Of The Unicorn (audio equipment manufacturer)
MOTU - (2) Masters of the Universe (licensed characters; He-Man)
MOTUC - Masters of the Universe Classics (licensed characters; He-Man)
MOW - (1) Maintenance of Way (model railways, US form of track gangs or maintenance engineers)
MOW - (2) Man O' War (Breyer horses, naval gaming; Man-of-War)
MOY / MoY - Models of Yesteryear (Matchbox line of die-cast toys)
MP - (1) Masterpiece (Transformers character)
MP - (2) Military Police (war gaming - from the military)
MP - (3) Military Post (postage stamps, US equivalent of BFPO)
MP - (4) Mint Pack / Package / Packaging (condition)
MP - (5) Missile Pod (sci-fi and fantasy gaming)
MP - (6) Movement Points (measure of MA use, gaming)
M&P - Musket and Pike (board game from GMT)
MPC - (1) Marx Plastics Corporation (incorrect use promulgated by JG Garratt; see; MX)
MPC - (2) Multiple Plastics / Products Corporation (US importer and manufacturer, later known as Multiple Toymakers but kept the MPC logotype/brand-mark)
MPM - Mile/s per Hour
MPO - Mobile Post Office (US postal service; type of post office, see also; GPO, HPO)
MPP - (1) Mailer's Postmark Permit (US, philately)
MPP - (2) Mailer's Precancel Postmark  (US, philately)
MPreg. - Male Pregnancy (fan fiction type/genre)
MPRS - My Poupette Recommended Seller (dolls, on-line seller group)
MR - (1) Magic Resistance (Warhammer)
MR - (2) Model-sized Ribbon/s (Breyer horses, show-ring abbreviations)
MRC - Model Rectifier Corporation (US hobby co., imported Academy and Italeri)
MRIA - Model Railroad Industry Association
MRRC - Model Road Racing Cars (manufacturer)
MRSP - Manufacturer's Recommended Selling Price (see also; MSRP)
MS / Ms. / ms. - (1) Manuscript (e.g., a letter in/from an envelope or a 'pen' cancel; usually handwritten)
MS - (2) Microsoft (computing)
MS - (3) Mint State (condition, specifically; coins)
M/S - Miniature Sheet (philately, a stamp or set of stamps which is/are part of a single design continued onto the surrounding sheet - and/or each other)
MSiA - Mobile Suit in Action (toy line)
MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (see also; MRSP)
MST - Mystery Science Theatre (TV series, also; MST3K)
MST'ing - Mystery Science Theatre'ing (online commentating on fan fiction)
MST3K - Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (TV series, also; MST)
MSU - Many / Multiple Small Units (war gaming, Warhammer)
MSV - Mobile Support Vehicle (GI Joe)
MT - (1) Modern Toys (trade-mark of Masudaya, Japanese toy company)
MT - (2) Mint Tag (condition, means; 'mint with original tag', see; MWMT)
MT - (3) Multi-Tracker (Warhammer Tau)
M/T - Mane [and] Tail (Breyer horses)
MTC - Multi-Toys Corporation (Chinese based rack toy producer)
MTFBWY - May the Force Be With You (Star Wars)
MTG - Magic The Gathering (card game)
MTH - Mikes Train House (model train manufacturer)
MTI - Market Tracking International (organisation, books)
MTMTE - More than Meets the Eye (Transformers TV series, licensed characters)
MU - (1) Marvel [comics] Universe (licensed characters)
MU - (2) Multiple Units (model railways)
MU/FF - Marvel Universe - Fury Files (action figure lines with little envelopes containing their 'files')
'Muggs' - [Mighty] Muggs (Transformers, licensed characters, see also: MM)
Multi. - Multicolored (of stamps or toys)
MUSCLE - Millions [of] Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere (Bandai/Mattel toy lines, see also; CUTIE)
MURP - Mini[-ature] Ugly Rock Piece (Lego element, see also; BURP and LURP)
Mv. - Mauve (colour, stamps)
Mvmt. - Movement (gaming)
Mvmt. Cds. - Movement Cards (gaming)
MW - Machine Wars (Transformers)
MW - Mini Whinnie (horse toy line)
MWAT - Mint [product] with All Tags (condition)
MWB - Mint [product] with Bag / Blister / Box (condition)
MWBMT - Mint [product] with Both Mint Tags (condition)
MWBT - Mint [product] with Both Tags (condition)
MWD - Men with Dolls (action-figure forum)
MWC - Mint [product] with Card / Carton (condition)
MWMT - Mint [product] with Mint Tags (condition, see also; MT)
MWP - Mint [product] with Package (condition)
MWT - Mint [product] With Tags (condition, soft toys)
MX / Mx - Marx (US general toy company and importer)
MXC - Model Exchange
MY - Mounted Yeoman (Warhammer)
MYO / M.Y.O. - (1) Make You Own (casting, crafting, wax kits &etc.)
MYO / M.Y.O. - (2) Million Years Old (fossils)
Myr. - Myrtle (colour, stamps)

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